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    Sichuan Industrial Equipment Installation Group CO.,LTD. was founded in 1952.It is a general contracting capacity for electromechanical, municipal, petrochemical and housing construction. It integrates engineering construction, engineering inspection, technical consultation and talent cultivation. It is cross-industry, cross-regional and cross-border. State-owned large-scale comprehensive construction enterprises.

    The company's qualification system is complete, including 25 subsidiaries with a total of 25 qualifications. It has the qualifications for overseas contracted projects and has excellent engineering general contracting and professional contracting capabilities. It has the general contracting level of mechanical and electrical engineering, municipal public works, petrochemical engineering, construction engineering construction, general contracting level of power engineering and metallurgical engineering construction, engineering design and construction level of fire protection facilities, steel structure engineering, lifting equipment installation engineering, Professional contracting qualifications for urban and road lighting projects, environmental protection projects, airport visual aids, special projects, etc., as well as pressure pipelines, pressure vessels, boilers, elevator special equipment licenses and non-destructive testing agency approval certificates. The company also passes quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification.